Laurentia Technologies starts a project related to smart inks for quality control in beef fresh products

Laurentia Technologies, besides the company ENCINAR DE LA HUMIENTA, the research centres CTAEX y PRODINTEC, and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, UPV, participates in the project “INDICA”, INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS FOR THE QUALITY CONTROL IN BEEF FRESH PRODUCTS.


It is a project funded by the National Programme of Research, Development and Innovation oriented to Society 2015, Retos-Colaboración (Project no. RTC-2015-4246-2), with a budget of 621.180 €. The project has started the past September 2015 with a total duration of 28 months. Laurentia Technologies has an approved total financed budget of 95.200 €, of which, 55 % will be a loan. For 2015, the financed budget is 3.344 €.

The specialized experience of all partners in their dedicated field of research will ensure the project's success.


The INDICA project is oriented to the development of intelligent packaging for the beef products. Main objective is the development of a packaging with capacity to provide real time information to the manufacturer and even to the consumer, about the state of the packaged fresh beef product. To do this, colorimetric indicators of the packaged product deterioration will be developed, leading to a higher control on the microbiological and/or organoleptic quality of beef products.


With the project, it will be obtained:

  • Economic viable packaging with intelligent sensors incorporated able to detect physical properties and chemical substances.
  • Increase in the lifetime of the packaged products, because of the possibility to previously detect possible defects and to adjust the best-before date.
  • Increase of the storage, transport and distribution times of the packaged products.
  • Improved trademark by the implementation of innovative products.
  • Consumers will be able to know if the product going home is in optimum quality state and to favor its control after acquisition, always that storage and conservation conditions are accomplished.


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