Laurentia Technologies new member of MATERPLAT

MATERPLAT IS THE SPANISH TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM FOR ADVANCED MATERIALS AND NANOMATERIALS. It is funded by the Spanish Ministery of Economy and Competitiveness and supported by CDTI, Center for the Industrial Technological Development. The Platform is coordinated by Tecnalia and counts on 400 members, including business organizations and research institutions. Laurentia Technologies SLL, is already a member of MATERPLAT.    


The objective of MATERPLAT is to identify and prioritize the necessities for innovation and research in the science and technology of Materials and Nanomaterials.


To achieve this, the Platform works on:


  • Promote an innovative culture
  • Promote collaboration among the different agents of the Spanish Innovation system
  • Promote a higher impact of the public policies in R+D+I in the industrial sectors
  • Promote collaboration among the different Spanish platforms and between industrial and research institutions related to common challenges, necessities and problems resolution.


Last October-2015, in the University Polytechnique of Valencia, LAURENTIA TECHNOLOGIES participated in the Annual Workshop of Materplat “Intelligent materials in sustainable technologies. A reality: the new lighthouse”.

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