Visual Indicators that alert the quality of food

Laurentia Technologies has a collaboration agreement with the Center for Molecular Recognition (IDM-UPV) for scaling-up strips or smart tags based on colorimetric sensors that indicate the quality status of food.


These devices are capable of integrating into the packaging material of the food itself guaranteeing the presence of the indicator throughout the distribution cycle, storage and transportation. Thus the safety and quality of products is controlled until they reach the final consumer.


The development of the optical sensor is based on a nanoscopic matrix where a dye is integrated, and the color is released in the presence of substances that determine the loss of properties of food. Therefore they act with a color change upon detection of certain acids, amines released by mycotoxins or food.


By a visual change, you can alert consumers and the food industry on the product status, establishing a precise lifetime certifying the state of health. So the package itself will report about the degradation of the product throughout the processing cycle.

Encapsulation and smart release of pesticides and fertilizers

The encapsulation technique has allowed us to generate miniemulsion of silica capsules in which we can introduce different types of fertilizers, pesticides and crop strengtheners. Through our technology, the release time is increased, allowing the farmer to reduce the number of applications that need to do a certain phytosanitary and / or fertilizer.

We can choose from a wide variety of products to be encapsulated always preferring those natural products that guarantee zero waste and we do not generate any problem of toxicity to humans and the environment.

Natural biocides coatings for food packaging

Laurentia has the technology developed at the University Polytechnic of Valencia based on chemical modification of certain nanoparticles with natural molecules that provide antimicrobial properties.

Furthermore, these nanoparticles can be anchored chemically on the surface of the plastic and / or included in coatings suitable for food contact.

This ensures that no migration problems of antimicrobial molecules to food.