Improvement of cosmetic benefits

Manufacturers of cosmetic products are incorporating nanoscale ingredients in their formulations in order to improve: the hiding power, facilitate penetration and provide greater ease of use of the products, but also provide more technical advantages such as protecting certain active substances (vitamins) increase the protective efficacy (filters), reduce the amounts of active ingredients (improving the fluidity and transparency), improve asset distribution, etc. 


In addition the technology can be applied with smart release molecular doors to improve the effectiveness and stability of active ingredients with different functions: UV, moisturizers, preservatives, antioxidants, filters, etc. This technology can be adapted for release it is activated by different stimuli such as pH changes or the presence of enzymes in the skin.


In the cosmetic industry, Laurentia has developed several applications based on the encapsulation of essential oils to dermotextiles, which are textiles that provide a particular function to the skin: activating circulation, anti-cellulite, etc.


These dermotextiles can be used both during daily activity and sports.