LAURENTIA is composed by a team of professionals and scientists specializing in the development of New Solutions based on Nanomaterials.

Vision & Mision

Today, Society is facing a series of challenges related to facilitate the sustainable growth being environmentally friendly. Taking it account, it is necessary to work on the development of new materials, Nanomaterials to address these challenges.


Nanomaterials provide to the products different features and properties converting them into high added value. However, the current synthesis and manufacturing processes of nanomaterials have a high economic cost that makes expensive the final product, limiting its application to specific sectors.


With this vision , LAURENTIA TECHNOLOGIES born as a bridge between ideas and opportunities in the field of sustainable nanomaterials being a facilitator for companies and research organizations that are committed to innovation as a way for growth.



  • Design and Development of tailor-made solutions based on nanomaterials.
  • Design and Scale-up of efficient manufacturing processes. 


LAURENTIA is present in several Associations and Plattforms:


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