Laurentia produces the following Metalic NanoOixdes:


Zn Oxide nanoparticles with biocides and UV light absorbent properties. These nanoparticles are recommended for textile coatings, wood preservation, protection plastics and paints. Available in powder and aqueous dispersion.


Nanoparticles of TiO2 (anatase phase) with photocatalytic properties in sunlight. For coatings providing biocidal properties, self-cleaning and decontamination outside. These nanoparticles can be applied in the manufacture of decontaminating air and water filters. Available in powder and aqueous dispersion.


Nanopigment photocatalytic powder with decontamination and self-cleaning properties to be used indoor and outdoor. It can be applied in coatings for different substrates (concrete, ceramic) and colored paints photocatalytic.


SiO2 nanoparticles dispersions of two sizes (100 and 300 nm) in Hydrophilic version (LAURSIL100, LAURSIL300) and Hydrophobic (LAURSIL300F, LAURSIL1OOF).